NAME                       : CHUA SUN TENG
DATE OF BIRTH         : 20th June 1961
NATIONALITY            : Kelantan, Malaysian   
MARITAL STATUS     : Married
LANGUAGES              : Bahasa Malaysia & English Written & Spoken

  • Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)
  • Sijil Pembantu Teknik Ukur Tanah/Kadaster


Jan 2004 - Present
Employer        : Ilham Ukur Consultant
Position            : Project Manager

July 1983 - Jan 2004
Employer        : Jurukur Timur
Position            : Chief Computer Checker/Head Draughtsman

Has been with the firm for 21 years from 1983. he is the Head Computer/Checker of the firm. He is mainly responsible for the planning and preparation of precompulation plans. Final Plan is checked before release to clients.


  • In-charge Preparation of Plan for final survey for issuance of final survey for issuance for final title, in respect of land acquire for Petronas-Shell in Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor (140km).
  • Detail survey Flagship Cyber Jaya Project.
  • Survey of Kuala Lumpur Internasional Airport (KLIA) Sepang (Consortium Member of Jurukur Sepang).
  • Survey of Multiproduct Pipeline from Melaka to Klang Valley.
  • Engineering Survey of Road from Kg Berchang to Ringlet, Cameron Highlands.
  • Engineering road survey for access road to Felda Sg Chiku 7 & 8, Kelantan 14km.
  • Access road survey to Felcra Tumbi/Rapat and Sg Salor.
  • Survey of Kg Roads Desa Ciku, 3&4, Gua Musang.
  • Perimeter survey of Project Felda Air Piau II, Kelantan.
  • Detail survey of Penghulu Durian Ulu Terengganu.
  • Setting Out of Golf Course Kelab Diraja Kelantan.
  • Detail survey for housing project Wang Tok Rendong, Langkawi, Kedah.   

Project Manager
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