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Ilham Ukur Consultant is able to offer consulting services such as the following:

3. Waterworks, Roads, Transmission Lines and Civil Engineering Surveys
Obtaining ground data spatially referenced to boundary and survey reference marks to support engineering designs of civil works (roads, railways, water-ways, buildings, pipelines, electric transmission lines etc). Setting out of civil structures according to their designed horizontal and vertical parameters. Producing as-built plans of completed civil works for contractual as well as inventory purposes.

4. Cadastral and Legal Surveys
To produce a cadastral plan which identifies a particular parcel of land for purpose of ownership and registration under Malaysian Land Law, cadastral survey is required before final titles are issued.

5. Strata Title Surveys i.e. Subdivision of Buildings
Subdivision of any building, having two or more stories on alienated land held as one lot under Final Title into parcels each to be held under a separate Strata Title.

6. Hydrographical Surveys
To depict the relief of the seabed, natural and man-made, and to indicate the nature of the seabed in a manner similar to the topographical map of land area.

7. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Surveys
To establish geodetic control points/networks for the purpose of mapping and surveying especially covering for large area such as big estate.
8. Digital Mapping & Digitizing facilities
To prepare maps in which the data is stored in a computer after digitizied and keep it for ease of access and updating digital map..
9. Consultancy in Geographical Information System (GIS)
Provide consultancy, training, data acquisition, data processing and establishment of the database, maintenance and updating of database, hardware and software.
10. Utility Detection Works
To provide important information at construction sites about the location of utility lines buried underground.

11. Photogrammetric  Mapping
To produce topographical maps especially for large areas using aerial photography.
2. Topographical Surveys
To provide large scale topographical maps or plans for final engineering design essential for the accurate determination and planning of engineering design works.
1. Land Management and Development Consultancy Services leading to Land and Building Subdivision

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