In this modern era, we are using high technology to complete the job whether in the field or office for data processing. High technology instrument such as GPS PROMARK 500 can provide up to millimeter (mm) level accuracy for land survey purposes. Besides of GPS PROMARK 500, we are still using total station for a certain places where the GPS cannot get a good signal. In data processing, software such as AutoCAD, Civil Design and Survey(CDS), Terramodel and GNSS Solution are used to process the raw data, editing as well as producing a plan.
Below are some references or guidelines regarding the working at the site and data processing:

1. Tutorial 1 - Draw Crossection and Longsection using AutoCAD
2. Tutorial 2 - How to Import Raw Data using CDS
3. Tutorial 3 - How to Check Benchmark Location using JUPEM website
4. Tutorial 4 - How to Show Lot in the Google Earth using MapInfo Data
5. Tutorial 5 - How to Use Waypoint using Promark 500
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